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More than 125 years of history

The French entrepreneur, Pierre Ferdinand Dehillotte, began the journey of Ramondin in Ibarra, Tolosa.


A Crucial Year

We decided to move to Logroño, La Rioja, to be close to what was our main market at that time: the wine sector.


Change of Facilities

Another turning point at Ramondin. We built a modern plant in Laguardia, where the main headquarters is currently located. The facilities are envisaged and designed to be adapted to the needs and requirements of our market at an industrial and commercial level.


Expansion into the USA

With presence at a commercial level since 1982, we renewed our commitment to the US market. In 2015 we became established industrially in Napa, complying with all of the area’s environmental guidelines and improving the portfolio offered to our customers with the Complex capsules.


Market Leadership

Ramondin acquires the Chilean screw-cap company, INESA, thus becoming the undisputed leaders on the Latin American market. In December of the same year, at Ramondin, we completed the strategic acquisition of SETICAP, a French company that manufactures champagne hoods, located in Troyes.


The Year of Change

To strengthen our leadership position in the market, we have redefined our brand’s architecture: Ramondin Capsules, Ramondin Coiffes & Muselets (formerly, SETICAP) and Inspiral (formerly, INESA). This resulted in the establishment of RMDGroup—a new international project focused on creating value through sustainability, R&D&i and Social Responsibility. As a result of this vision, in this same year, we launched E-CAP, a product of the Inspiration line and our clear commitment to the future.

"We invent, we develop and we create"


We are a company dedicated to the design, manufacture, sale and correct application of high added value, technical products for seals and labels on bottles of wine, liquor, champagne, etc.

We work with respect and transparency, and with the intention and drive to satisfy our customers’ needs, centering our efforts on creating value as a company.


  • To have sustained growth through development in markets and innovation in products, aligned with the company’s key processes.
  • To make Ramondin be an example to reproduce, for doing things well, and being a provider of an absolute guarantee.
  • To be a worldwide reference in the sector of capsules and a regional reference as a business model.

Principles and Values

  • Innovation: constant growth and continuous improvement.
  • Sustainability: effective and efficient management of resources and processes.
  • Guarantee and commitment to service: communication, trust and transparency.
  • Financial, social and environmental commitment.
  • Quality and safety.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our social commitment, our DNA

Download our policy and code of conduct

At RMDGroup, we work every day to implement, guarantee and fulfil our principles of social and environmental commitment to our main stakeholders. The social commitment has always been an essential part of our sense of responsibility as a company, which at the same time characterizes our essence.

We acquired a commitment to society: we are adhered to the United Nations Global Compact, demonstrating our respect for human rights. We promote different initiatives to reduce the environmental impact. We are committed to innovation and technology in all of our processes and activities.

We are committed to our workers and collaborators, respecting their employment rights, fostering their professional development through training and talent plans to help them grow during their career and maintaining continuous communication with them.

Our company project is intended to create value through sustainable growth, always applying our corporate ethics governed by our code of conduct.

Our brands

RMDGroup is currently formed by two worldwide specialized brands.

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