Current topics 21 de March, 2024

Let’s Twist Again!

RMDGroup, recognized leader in the capsule market for wine, liquor and champagne bottles announces the acquisition of Mala Closure Systems’ industrial assets marking a significant milestone in the expansion of its INSPIRAL brand globally.

Strengthening INSPIRAL in the Global Market
The INSPIRAL brand, which had its initial relaunch in 2015 with the acquisition of
INESA, is once again positioned at the center of the scene. This new chapter began with a highlighted event at the Embassy and was strengthened with previous acquisitions in France and now in the United States.  The vision is clear: to lead the screw cap market with specialized production localized in Europe, USA, and LatAm.

"It enables us to promote and relaunch the INSPIRAL brand, which from its inception has symbolized excellence and adaptability in the screw cap market guaranteeing local production in all key markets, doubling the capacity in Europe,
and expanding technology and product range at our Chilean plant."

Duplication and Technological Renewal

In Europe, this acquisition represents an opportunity to double the current screw cap
production capacity, establishing new standards of efficiency and performance. Simultaneously, in LatAm, RMDGroup embarks on a process of technological
renewal that promises to rejuvenate the current portfolio and adjust it to
contemporary demands.

Undisputed Commitment to the US Market

And without any doubt, the most significant leap will take place at the Ramondin USA plant with the installation of new production lines in Napa. This move ensures that INSPIRAL takes a decisive step forward, becoming a new benchmark player in the
market and aligning with the standards and values of the undisputed market leader,
Ramondin. The coexistence of both brands, with a customer-focused approach and backed by the experience of a century-old company with an extensive track record in the USA, guarantees a comprehensive range of solutions for the wine, spirits, and sparkling wines market in the United States and worldwide.

FAQs About the Assets Acquisition

In light of recent developments, we understand there may be questions about the industrial asset acquisitions of Mala Closure Systems USA and its implications for RMDGroup and our stakeholders.
Below, we address some frequently asked questions:

What does the acquisition of Mala USA mean for RMDGroup?
The acquisition implies a strategic expansion of our capabilities and market reach, particularly in the United States. It allows us to double our production capacity in Europe, introduce advanced technology in LatAm, and ensure local production in the US for faster and more reliable service.

How will this acquisition impact RMDGroup’s product offerings?
With the introduction of state-of-the-art technology and expanded production
capabilities, we will be able to broaden our range of products and introduce
innovative solutions in the market, further enhancing the quality and diversity of our offerings.

What are RMDGroup’s plans for sustaining growth post-acquisition?
RMDGroup is committed to continuous innovation and excellence. We plan to
leverage the strengths of Mala Closure Systems to enhance our production efficiency, explore new markets, and invest in sustainable practices that support long-term growth and meet our stakeholders’ expectations.