Current topics 31 de March, 2020

Sustainable packaging, a key target for RMDGroup

True to our slogan “We invent, we develop and we create“, RMDGRoup continues betting on R+D+I. Thanks to the iniciative co-financed by the Bask Govenment and the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020 (FEDER) , we have started a new ink development project led by our R+D Department.

The sustainability factor is key in the development of new products within the wine industry. And, in this sense, the packaging industry plays an essential role. Companies must look for sustainable solutions that respond to our customers´and final consumers’ concern for the environment.

In this regard, we offer our markets 100% plastic-free capsules focused on reciclability. Tin capsules – included in our Premium range- and e-cap represent a clear example of quality at the service of innovation.

Pure tin capsules, e-cap and water-based inks, examples of responsible packaging development and commitment to the environment made by RMDGroup.

We are aware as a group of our responsibility to contribute to a better world in order to invest in committed, ecological adn sustainable projects. Pioneers in the use of water-based inks on tin capsules and now applying this same technique to our e-cap and Inspiral screw caps, we continue to reduce our environmental impact.